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Votiro is the world leader in the Gartner Emerging Category, “Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR)”. The company's patented CDR protection family of products, Votiro Disarmer®, offer superior protection to weaponized document attacks over other solutions currently on the market today, enhancing productivity by allowing users to open any file or document without concern. 

The technology disassembles and replicates a perfect copy of all incoming documents in milliseconds, providing organisations with complete protection against known, undisclosed, and zero-day exploits. With Votiro's Disarmer®, the solution moves from detection to prevention: instead of trying to identify malware “signatures” or “behaviors” within weaponised documents, Votiro Disarmer identifies the positive elements in the document content and utilises those for a perfect reconstruction of the document. 

Any other code not part of the original document is simply left out of the reconstructed document, thereby leaving out any malicious code or malware. Votiro Disarmer® technology does this all in less than a second, giving the user a 100% success rate in file bourne attack prevention, while enhancing productivity by allowing users to click on any file, no matter its source.

Votiro provides secure gateways to help keep customers' networks and endpoint safe and free from any threat. Votiro's Disarmer® can be integrated into any customised, content-based application, enhancing it with security and threat protection, and providing it with the ability to clean threats from incoming files.

Votiro's Disarmer® can be deployed as a web gateway, file transfer gateway and email gateway. Using Advanced Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology, Votiro actively sanitises all incoming traffic and delivers safe-to-edit files whose original functionality remains intact.

Votiro's Disarmer® is utilised by hundreds of commercial and government customers in Singapore, Japan, and the U.S., and over 5 billion documents have been sanitised by Votiro without incident. 

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