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Established in 2011, London-headquartered Digital Shadows is an award-winning company offering advanced defense against cyber-attacks by providing a comprehensive assessment and understanding of a brand’s exposure on the open, deep and dark web.


Digital Shadows makes threat intelligence work for organisations of all sizes. Companies no longer need to invest a disproportionate amount of resource to get real value out of threat intelligence. Digital Shadows’ industry-leading SearchLight service delivers relevant threat information that allows organisations to quickly understand and act on their external exposure minimising their risk without hiring additional headcount.


The company was named ‘Leader in Digital Risk Protection’ in The Forrester New Wave Q3 2018 report, which provides key insight into the world’s technology market.


Digital Shadows tailors its risk protection services to each customer’s digital needs. Leveraging machine learning to adapt its protection as threats evolve, the company is a prime example of how the UK is bringing innovation to life.


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Phishing protection

Dark web monitoring 

Account takeover prevention

Threat intelligence

Data leak detection 

Digital footprint monitoring 

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